Welcome to our website. We are importers of natural cleaning products, personal care products and unique gift items from Australia. We are based in Costa Mesa, California.

We hope you enjoy visiting our new and improved website. Please feel free to drop us a line should you have any comments or suggestions on our products or website.

“We are but travelers in this time,
charged with the duty
of keeping this planet well,
for those that follow
will judge us by our care.”

What is Organics of OZ about?

Education Empathy Economic Environment

These four key words bring to light what our philosophy is. To provide education is paramount. To provide products that are safe for the environment and that are economic is also paramount. To empathize with the world and the state of the environment, brings us to the forefront of what we should be doing to create a better place for us to live in.

There are many things that are out of our control. Using environmentally responsible products is one thing that is totally within our control. We need to provide more education on how to care for the environment. We do this by talking to people, writing articles about the environment, and doing more with people to raise the awareness of the state of our environment. We empathize with those who care about our environment. We educate those who want to do more, but are not sure what to do. We are here to provide a path to follow, to set an example for everyone.

I encourage you to take responsibility for your environment. It is up to us to provide a better place for our children and their children and their children’s children. Start now, be responsible and the world will become a better place for all to live. I encourage to browse my site and begin there to take responsibility using these safe, highly effective cleaning products.

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There are many options here. Thank you for visiting Organics of OZ. Please come back again!

Do the site colors mean anything?

They certainly do. We’ve taken our color cues from the natural colors of Australia.
The red in the left panel is the color of Australia – that red soil the Red Continent is so well known for.
The blue-green color is from the gum leaf of the eucalyptus tree found throughout Australia.
And the yellow is the color of the Wattle flower, an Australian species of Acacia.
You may even find some brilliant blue in these pages, the color of a smog free sky in the great Outback.